Buying Coffee with Bitcoins in Seoul

Paying with Bitcoins is becoming more and more accepted world wide and today I visited the Coffee Sedona in the Coex Mall complex in Seoul. Coffee Sedona is one of the better coffee shops in Seoul and might be the first to accept Bitcoins as a payment option in Korea. Bitcoin-Coinplug-accepted It was the first time I actually spend my Bitcoins on something else then mining equipment or selling them at exchanges. I ordered a cappuccino and a chocolate muffin and told the staff that I wanted to pay with Bitcoins. The staff used a small tablet with the Coinplug application to insert the amount in Korean Won (KRW) and the application directly converted the amount of won to the correct amount in Bitcoins (BTC)*. Coffee Sedona partnered up with Coinplug as their payment provider. Coinplug acts as the exchange between Bitcoins and fiat currency. Coinplug Note: Coinplug uses its own exchange rates for converting KRW to BTC (rates can vary and can be found on their website). References: