Mining alt coins to increase profitability

Mining crypto currencies is a hot topic these days and especially with the rising price of the major crypto coins bitcoin and litecoin. Mining bitcoins and litecoins can be really profitable if done right and know how to set up a mining rig. Everyone is able to mine crypto currencies but with the rising difficulty on the major crypto coins it is getting harder to create a decent profit on lower hash rates. Luckily there are more coins than bitcoins and litecoins and mining these can increase your income a lot. This article will explain you how to increase your profitability by mining these alt coins.

Mining pool

Selecting the right mining pool is essiential for your profitability, you want a mining pool that is always online but without the high fees. I use a socalled "switching mining pool" which automatically switches to the most profitable crypto coin. is the original profit-switching cryptocoin mining pool. Where you can mine your favorite coin, or point your miners at one of the multiports and always mine the most profitable coin!

Step 1. Sign up at

[jed_button type="bordered" size="small" link="" target="1" color="#3399ff"]Sign up at[/jed_button]Step 2. Point your miners to the mining pool serversmultipool

Converting alt coins to Bitcoins or Litecoins

You'll see alot of different coins at which are beeing mined. If you want to make the most profit create an account at the cryptocurrencie exchange where you be able to automatically sell the new coins for the best price.Step 1. Signup for an account at[jed_button type="bordered" size="small" link="" target="1" color="#3399ff"]Sign up at[/jed_button]

Step 2. Create wallets for the coins you mine at

  1. Once you created your cryptsy account go to "Balances".
  2. Select the coin you want a wallet for
  3. Click on deposit / Autosell
  4. Press "Generate new deposit address"
  5. Change the autosell settings to your likings

Step 3. Fill in the wallet details at

  1. Select the new wallet address for the coin that has been generated.
  2. Go to you -> account
  3. Fill in the wallet details and minimum payout
  4. Do this for every coin on

Enjoy a possible higher profit!

Please leave a comment if you have questions or need help!