CEX.io automatic re-invest BTC and increase GHS

CEX.IO is an unique exchange where people can trade their Bitcoins for Mining hashrates (GH/S). According to CEX.io it is the first commodity exchange, where you can trade mining facilities for a price set by the supply and demand. Users are able to buy Giga Hashes and directly start mining with them on their pool. The profits from the GH/S you bought, is directly transferred from GHASH.io account to your CEX.io account.

Automatic re-invest BTC and increase GHS

It really easy to directly re-invest your mined BTC and NMC to more GH/S. There are different techniques but the most simple is to use a python script from Eloque which automatically reinvest your BTC and NMC.CexControlCexControl is a simple utility script to manage mining reinvestments on Cex.IO, simply put, it takes the full profit from BTC and NMC minig and automatically uses that to buy more GHS.

How to make it work

  1. Open an account on CEX.IO
  2. Download the latest version of CexControl from Eloque
  3. Latest version: You can download the latest version on Github
  4. Extract the zip file somewhere on your mac
  5. Start Terminal
  6. Type the following in terminal to start CexControl:
  7. python /location_of_application/CexControl.py
    Example for me it is: "python /Applications/Mining/CexControl/CexControl.py"Now close terminal as it has created the config file.
  8. Getting the API details from CEX.io
  9. Go to your account on CEX.io and go to profile -> API and create an new key with all permissions enabled. Write down your api details and make sure to activate it
  10. Modifying the configuration file
  11. CexControl has created a configuration file which needs to be edited. The configuration file can be found at the following location. Open the config file with TextEdit. Location: /Users/YourUserName/CexControlSettings.conf Example for me it is: "/Users/LetUsLook/CexControlSettings.conf" Once you opened the configuration file please fill in the following details and save the file.
    • Username
    • Key (Your API key)
    • Secret (your secret api key)
  12. Start CexControl and make sure it works correctly.
  13. Donate some BTC to Eloque (1Lehv8uMSMyYyY7ZFTN1NiRj8X24E56rvV) if you like the script