Nimble (The Social Media Manager)

Nimble is a new Social Relationship Manager that combines a traditional CRM system with the latest social media sites. Nimble is the next level of a modern CRM system that is targeted at small to medium size business.

Social media integration

Nimble combines all your social networks into one system, from where you are able to read and send messages to these social networks. Currently nimble works with the following networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

Nimble and the Freemium pricing model

Nimble uses a so-called “freemium” pricing model for their CRM system. This means that most of the functions of nimble are free to be used, but specific components only work when you pay for a subscription. These premium functions consists of functions like: Multi User account, track unlimited deals, unlimited network connections and full access to third party apps (like Hubspot, Wuffoo and Mailchimp).

Daily updates & social stream

It is even possible that nimble sends the user an activity update by mail every day. These messages provide the user with an overview of all the important activities of each day. You will receive messages like: Congratulate Paul, with his new business or send Thomas a message because of his 21th birthday when you integrate Facebook and LinkedIn.


At LetUsLook, we found that this tool helped us monitor all the different social networks and keep tracks of all the deals and sales. The ability to read, send and at the same time update your calendar made it the best social CRM system currently available.

Introduction video