Get Timthumb to work in WordPress Multisite

There are some problems with the timthumb.php script with Wordpress multisites. A lot of themes are using the timthumb script but the script isn’t working perfectly with the multisite setup because there is a problem with the domain / files location. By using a modified version of the Timthumb script you can solve these problems.

Update 2019: TimThumb is no longer supported or maintained.

We have removed all links to the updated script and recommend looking for an alternative solution

Timthumb has been Updated!

Updated the script to version 1.28! Always make sure to use the latests script from: Google code (Timthumb)


  1. Download the modified script
  2. Change FALSE -> TRUE on line 21.
define ('ALLOW_EXTERNAL', FALSE);Change intodefine ('ALLOW_EXTERNAL', TRUE);
  1. Download the modified script
  2. Change on line 34 into your own domain.
$allowedSites = array ( '', '', '', '', '', '', '',);