Install additional Word reference styles (Mac + Windows)

If you use Microsoft Word (2007, 2011, 2013) build in reference (citation) manager you may encounter that not all modern reference styles are present. For example a common reference style “The Harvard referencing style” is not included by default in Word.


  • 5 minutes time

Supported styles

  • Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT)
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • American Medical Society (ACS)
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Council of Science Editors (CSE)
  • Harvard – AGPS
  • Harvard – Anglia
  • Harvard – Exeter
  • Harvard – Leeds
  • Humana Press
  • IEEE
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
  • Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA)
  • Nature
  • Vancouver

Note: Please see BibWord for the latest supported styles

Instructions (Mac OS)

  1. Download reference styles (BibWord)
  2. First we need to download the reference styles from BibWordDownload the from their website

  3. Extract files from zip
  4. Unzip the files from the, you now see multiple files in the folder (these are the reference styles).

  5. Install the reference styles
  6. Please close Microsoft word completely before continuing.

  7. Go to the microsoft word folder in Finder
  8. In Finder: Applications → Microsoft office 2011 → Microsoft Word

  9. Show Package Contents
  10. Right click on Microsoft Word and click Show Package content

  11. Copy reference styles from zip

Copy the reference styles from the unzipped zip file to Content → Resources → Style

Instructions (Windows)

  1. Download reference styles (BibWord)
  2. First we need to download the reference styles from BibWord
    Download the from their website

  3. Extract files from zip
  4. Unzip the files from the, you now see multiple files in the folder (these are the reference styles).

  5. Install the reference styles
  6. Please close Microsoft Word completely before continuing.

  7. Go to the Microsoft Word folder

Your Computer → Disk C: → Program Files → Microsoft Office → Office 12 → Bibliography → StyleCopy the reference styles from the unzipped zip file to Style folder

67 comments on “Install additional Word reference styles (Mac + Windows)

  1. I can’t get this to work, the instructions themselves and the comments don’t work for me and I’ve been trying for about 2 hours collectively now, can anyone help? Microsoft Word 2011 on a Mac

  2. The reference styles unzipped to a folder are in xsl format and finding it difficult to have it on word although i copied these styles to biblography folder but still not appearing in style box.
    Please response quick and guide accordingly waiting for your kind response.

  3. i have downloaded and installed the Vancouver style, but i want to change the bracket from (3) to [3]. how can i do it?

  4. I had to copy the XSL into the folder
    in order to view & use it in Word reference styles.

  5. This is a really helpful resource, although the humanities referencing style doesn’t seem to work with Word 2017 and I can’t find this anywhere at all. Is this something that might be updated or available at any time please? Thanks

  6. I cannot see the Vancouver referencing style in my drop down in the Reference Tab. I download it and copy and paste in office15 bibliography in the style folder but it is not found in the drop down menu. I am using Windows 10 and office 2013. I also have installed Mendeley in my PC. Please someone should help

      1. The Chicago Footnotes file doesn’t work. I put it in the right directory where every other BibWord reference format I downloaded works, but Chicago footnotes just doesn’t show up. Does anybody know where to get an XLS file for Chicago Footnotes? It’s the only reference format that works for my line of work (history). I would be most grateful for any help.

      2. Thanks Luc for the answer. Yes, I did get the right directory. I put other files from BibWord in the directory and they worked fine. It’s only the one I really need, Chicago footnotes, that didn’t work.

  7. I have download the Vancouver reference style from BIbword but cannot still find the vancouver style in my reference tab. I found only office15 in my Drive C instead of office13 which is intalled in my PC. Please what should I do. I am writing master thesis that require a vancouver referencing style

    1. i am also facing with the same problem have you got any solution if yes then please guide i will be thankful for your act of kindness.

  8. I was initially having problems after following the instructions first pasted and in Bibword. However, I listened to Iman Asareh’s advice above, and it worked perfectly. I am using Office 2013 on a Windows 10 system. Thanks, Iman!

  9. Getting to “Microsoft office” and there is no option to open an “Office 12”.nI have “Microsoft office 15” but there is no “bibliography” in that

  10. already did as instructed (paste and everything) but still only showing the original styles.. anyone can help? need this so bad… word 2013 windows 8.1 :'(

      1. 1) open Wordn2) go to Reference>Manage Sources> then click on Browse buttonn3) copy the address of the dialog bar that opens ( open Source List)n4) open the aforementioned folder and paste the styles there.nI hope it works

        1. This way it works for me, I have Windows 10 and Office 2013, and in this way I found the right folder to paste the new styles in.rnThanks!

    1. 1) Open a Word documentn2) Go to the Reference>Manage Sources then click the Browse buttonn3) Copy the address of the dialog bar that opens from address bar( open Source List dialog box)n4) Open the copied folder in a separate folder and paste the styles there.nI hope it works for you.

  11. Brilliant, thank you very much, just to anyone who thinks its not working, make sure you have totally closed word, not just the document you are working, by that i mean, right click on it in your dock and click quit

  12. Downloaded the reference styles. Unzipped them and added them to the styles folder. Opened Word but it still only gives the original styles included. I’ve reopened the styles folder and the additional styles are all showing up – but not in Word. Any thoughts? (I’ve restarted the PC – just in case. Still no joy.)nnI’m using Office 2013 on a Windows 8.1 machine.

        1. Did anyone ever reply? I’m having same issue (Windows 7, MS Office 15). I tried searching for the the appdata folder location, but cannot find it.

          1. For the newer Office versions, it appears the Bibliography folder is in Program Files x86 folder. So open C drive, then Program Files x86, then the other steps as described

  13. Really helpful. However ACS superscript style isn’t really superscript. Once you have all the citations placed on your text you have to go back through all of them and change them to superscript. Not very convenient really… they should fix the programming. However, rest of styling is great. nn˜Gamma

      1. Looks like ACS superscript I downloaded isn’t really a superscript in my citations. Is it fixed ? I dowloaded it from BibWord, should I do it from another website ?rnrnRegards.rnrnChris.

  14. Wow, this tip really helped me! I was the most recent version of MS Word at work (can’t remember which) and at home using Word for Mac 2011. However, when I open up the document at home, I wouldn’t see any of my citations. Now I see all of them! Awesome!

  15. Helpful info. Fortunate me I discovered your web site accidentally, and nI’m surprised why this twist of fate didn’t happened earlier!nI bookmarked it.

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